Re: hci, music, feedback

Subject: Re: hci, music, feedback
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Fri Sep 23 2005 - 10:34:54 EDT

Concordia University, Montreal, just opened an Integrated
Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Complex.

Start at

and dig around.



At 17:57 +1200 2005/09/23, Damian Stewart wrote:
>hello everyone,
>i'm going through something of a
>what-on-earth-am-i-going-to-do-with-myself-next-year phase at the moment.
>my preferred option at the moment is something involving electronic
>music, performance and/or composition, coupled with computer
>programming. in particular, i'm wanting to develop a system based on
>digital feedback that simultaneously allows subtle control over evolving
>feedback soundscapes, and dramatic control over the overall 'sound'.
>... [snip]

>What would be super ideal is a
>university environment in which to do this 'properly' come next year.
>I'm about to graduate with a BSc in computer science, and I am
>currently doing a little study in electroacoustic music (though only
>to second year level), so a music/computer science interdisciplinary
>seems like a good move (but then of course there's the tricky question
>of which side of the equation I focus on, music or computers... )
>So what I'd like to know is this: are there any HCI (human-computer
>interaction) labs or departments in New Zealand or Australia (ideally
>New Zealand) that deal with this sort of thing? I'm open to travelling
>overseas as well, of course, it's just that that takes money and money
>is something i don't have :)

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