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Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 18:20:24 EDT

Philippe-Aubert Gauthier wrote:

>Is this good? or not?

this is always my question....

when the musicology or the process takes over from the art, is not the
musicology behind it the process, and often nullifies the art
(particularly in the case of student composition i notice... and most
particularly in the case of postgraduate student composition where
students look out for the most esoteric texts to prove their case when
the music alone should stand!)

if the music cannot stand alone.... is it still music?

>And talking of creation process, does people here have extra-technical or
>extra-musical ritual when creating, or preparing for, music?
i have extra-musical ideas quite often. in fact i think in pictures -
graphic art being an even more native language for me than music, but
not my first love as an occupation. i cannot help but plan a piece as a
shape, a piece of topography, a nightmarish image or an ethereal,
floating elf in my mind.... from there the music is integral to the
image though....

psychoacoustics are key to my process also... but they function to
/elicit/ the sound of those nightmarish images... incessant bells (ah
the bells!) and footsteps... going round and round until they literally
give the image of a mad house or madness... the round and round
affecting me particularly (this is followed by metronomes in the same
piece)... maybe as i also perceive sound pictorially and i find it

in any case... pictures/words/psychology/ideas.... all function to
/serve/ the music and not /be/ the music. i am disturbed when i hear
talk of pieces which are just talk... and then i hear nothing of the
description and the lengthy program notes in the music. my piece i
described above (thioridazine dream) can stand alone, as can all of my
subsequent pieces (i deliberately chose a piece i wrote in my student
days :). others listened to it and decided it was about an acid trip. it
wasnt, it was a piece about madness, but they could enjoy the structures
and psychoacoustic effects on another level. i cannot stress how much i
dislike music which cannot stand alone from its program notes, as if
propped up like a stilt-house - it would float away as paper in the
water... and how this is so prevalent...

let those kinds of words remain words... let the music speak...


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