RE: Google Accused of Copyright Infringement Fwd:

Subject: RE: Google Accused of Copyright Infringement Fwd:
From: James Brody (
Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 12:54:59 EDT

With the population explosion, the number of active composers is more than
30,000 and who knows how many writers there are. It seems that the ability
to see an author's work or hear a composers work would be a welcome event
for the creator who might get subsumed in the percentage race.

There still is the unavoidable need sometimes to hold a product in one's
hand rather than just have a digital form of it. Pride of ownership and all

So maybe the availability of things difficult to find even though of recent
origin is very important. After all, a book goes out of print very quickly
and leftovers at the publishers are often shredded. One of the strangest

Someone will figure out how unlimited access will also benefit the creator
of the work.

If it's not Google, it'll be someone else making things available.

Another $.02

James Brody

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