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Subject: Re: Google Accused of Copyright Infringement Fwd:
From: Michael Gogins (
Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 12:05:55 EDT

This is a vital issue. Some scattered thoughts that I will bring to a focus below:

Copyright and patent exist not to reward individuals as such, but to reward individuals to encourage them to innovate for the benefit of society as a whole -- themselves, and ourselves.

Digital media have an obvious impact because they are free to copy perfectly, and yet they are easily lost.

Patent and copyright law have been extended to benefit not authors, but corporations and heirs. It is not clear whether this benefits society as a whole. In software, it IS clear that patent actually dampens innovation.

The academic model, used since the 12th century for scholarship, presumes the freedom to copy and has contributed enormously to innovation and to the intellectual capital of society as a whole.

It is wrong to demand work and not pay for it. Scholars are paid by schools, but a8thors (including artists and musicians) increasingly are simply not paid.

Historically, socialist governments are corrupted by their leadership. But since digital media have no capital cost or value, there is no reward for corruption.

It is absolutely vital that digital media be archived in secure, permanent, accessible, and catalogued libraries.

The focus:

Allow free copying of ALL DIGITAL MEDIA and impose a FILE ACCESS TAX on all users, partly to fund the Internet and partly to pay the author and the host of the media, which could be a corporation or an individual. The Internet would be changed to include a formal, public, permanent archive of all content (this is easily achievable technically).

I am promposing a kind of formal socialism. What we are increasingly having now is a corrupt formal kind of capitalism (I have nothing against capitalism) where corporations hog rights, and a corrupt informal kind of socialism (I have nothing against socialism) where users rip off authors.


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