Re: Google Accused of Copyright Infringement Fwd:

Subject: Re: Google Accused of Copyright Infringement Fwd:
Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 09:44:43 EDT

 Quite, however there have been some scary aspects of the google model over the
past year.... especially with gmail and googles willingness to plunder the
information out of peoples email accounts so as to increase a so called
"consummer portrait" as to likes and dislikes thereby increasing the
directedness of advertising. This was uk based I believe. last year though I
could be confused.

anyway, all that said I have gmail and use google so what can I say.


> Certainly true -- I thought you were taking issue with the current
> state however on principal alone. :-)
> Let's hope it holds out.
> - John

Andrew McCallum

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