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Subject: Re: Google Accused of Copyright Infringement Fwd:
Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 08:57:40 EDT

> Yes, and that is not for the greater good how?
> - John

it is for the greater good at this point, and hopefullly will continue to be,
yet the good of the model is not designed for the consumer, it is designed for
the advertiser and shareholders. If an economic model arises where by profit
increases will be seen through changes in there current model to the detriment
of the consumer they will adjust there model in a second. Take the walmart
model, there is significant good (for the consumer) in there buisness model
(lower prices - acess to goods) yet this is simply an off shoot of there
inventory on demand model, at some point inventory on demand will lead to a
situation where Walmart has such a stranglehold on producers that there will
really be no where else to purchase product x. Based on demand this will lead
the products price rising, which walmart will certainly do so that they can
control the supply and availability (walmart doesn't like its customers
hoarding) of product x.

luckily this doesn't seem likely in the google scenario but these are things to
think about.

just ideas.


Andrew McCallum

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