Re: Google Accused of Copyright Infringement Fwd:

Subject: Re: Google Accused of Copyright Infringement Fwd:
Date: Tue Sep 20 2005 - 22:56:34 EDT

> marketing firms and communications infrastructure firms are going to fold
> very easily

It is not so much that the firms will fold, they will in fact have increased
buisness (after a while and some restructuring) but the fact is that googles
marketing model and buisness strategy is superior to paper based buisnesses,
even yahoo and micorsoft for that matter. They continue to place them selves
into situtions where by they become the powerhouse... creating monopolies that
even the FTC can't say anything about, because they are legal and transparent.
An analysis of the google marketing scheme shows significant incnetive compared
to yahoo, microsoft et al. for any medium to small buisness.

2 cents?


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