Re: Long cable lengths

Subject: Re: Long cable lengths
From: Antti Sakari Saario (
Date: Tue Sep 20 2005 - 09:58:29 EDT

Hi Dr B,

We are using a Gefen DVI to CAT 5 converter to enable us to run and
external computer monitor to an adjacent room from where our computer
is (and since we are using an apple monitor we get USB [with a booster
cable) from the monitor itself.). The converter boxes will set you back
about 150 if I recall right. They claim runs of up to 50m being
possible but we had some problems with long (approx. 10 m) long runs
and hence you should check with the company directly.

The option for 'big boys' is to go for a fiber extender like KVM
(contact and they can probably help you with
all the bits you need).

Hope that this helps!


On 20 Sep 2005, at 14:34, David Berezan wrote:

> Hi all,
> Very tech-related query....
> I'm looking for a solution to housing a Mac G5 Desktop
> computer in a remote location. I need to find a 15m
> firewire cable, and similar USB and DVI cabling
> solutions. Can anyone recommend a manufaturer
> (preferably UK-based)? Reply off-list if you like.
> I'd prefer to not have to link up multiple firewire
> repeater cables or DVI extenders. Apparently MOTU
> PCI-424 will allow a single audiowire/firewire run of
> up to 60'/18m, so I'd like to find a 15m firewire
> cable.
> Thanks,
> David
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