Long cable lengths

Subject: Long cable lengths
From: David Berezan (dberezan@yahoo.ca)
Date: Tue Sep 20 2005 - 09:34:57 EDT

Hi all,

Very tech-related query....

I'm looking for a solution to housing a Mac G5 Desktop
computer in a remote location. I need to find a 15m
firewire cable, and similar USB and DVI cabling
solutions. Can anyone recommend a manufaturer
(preferably UK-based)? Reply off-list if you like.

I'd prefer to not have to link up multiple firewire
repeater cables or DVI extenders. Apparently MOTU
PCI-424 will allow a single audiowire/firewire run of
up to 60'/18m, so I'd like to find a 15m firewire




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