Acorns and university

Subject: Acorns and university
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Mon Sep 19 2005 - 22:17:36 EDT

Sadly, clearly, you do not work in University.

The saying is: little acorns from mighty oaks come.



At 13:37 -0600 2005/09/19, sylvi macCormac wrote:
>YO Paul, you're quote about 'Tall Oaks from little Acorns grow'
>reminded me of similiar saying in Hausa.
>Sannu / Hello (in Hausa, one of 200 languages spoken in Nigeria)
>It is from a small seed that the giant Iroko tree has its beginning.
>An old banana leaf was once young and green.
>It is little by little that a bird builds its nest
>Our examples are like seeds on a windy day, they spread far and wide
>When a palm-branch reaches its height, it gives way for a fresh one to grow.
>Paul Deveau wrote:
> > Paul Deveau
> > University of Ottawa
> >
> > Tall oaks from little acorns grow.

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