Texture / gesture

Subject: Texture / gesture
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Mon Sep 19 2005 - 21:51:37 EDT

Interesting you should bring this up, as it has always been (for me)
a difficulty with 'pure' spectromorphology.

In an over-simplified explanation, I tend to hear gesture and texture
as complementary modes of perception -- texture being the (vertical)
integration of spectral elements, and gesture being the segregation
and streaming of sounds.

At 18:35 -0700 2005/09/19, bill thompson wrote:
>well, i don't agree, basically because much of timbral music isn't
>based on gesture but in many ways opposed to it (not ideologically,
>but in practice)



PS ... and someone has claimed all these wonderful terms:


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