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Subject: Re: Re : Methods of Creation / Setup
From: David Mooney/Maxine Heller (
Date: Mon Sep 19 2005 - 10:19:59 EDT

WOW--I go away for a few days and this list explodes with activity!

You might want to explore synthesized sounds as well as samples. Not
"out of the box" ones, but sounds you create from scratch. It's a
whole different, and very rich, world. I don't know the software you
have mentioned, but if any of it has this capability, it's worth some time.

At 05:27 PM 9/18/2005, you wrote:
>I think we need to tame this thread a bit.
>Let us discuss what my sound sources will be.
>I have one suggestion of only my voice and one suggestion of stereo
>recordings of anything I can find. I like the idea of my voice as it
>is very versatile and when processed, will not sound like a voice.
>On 9/18/05, Louis Dufort <> wrote:
> > > you shouldn't ever confuse life with reason or logic.
> >
> > LOL!
> >
> >
> >

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