Re: Methods of Creation / Setup

Subject: Re: Methods of Creation / Setup
From: Morgan Sutherland (
Date: Sun Sep 18 2005 - 15:33:01 EDT

Actually, the soundcard that the school is giving me is an MBox and I
WILL have access to ProTools LE, but really, I don't want to waste my
time with it. I already have paid for and am proficient with Ableton
and it does mostly everything ProTools does and more, and better. You
can turn the grids off in Ableton, and the Live features may be very
useful to me.

On 9/18/05, Henry Rodrick <> wrote:
> I got myself a $200 2nd hand MBox. Didn't kill my economy, and it works
> really well.
> On 2005-09-18, at 10.10, Morgan Sutherland wrote:
> > Well, there's also the more realistic side: I can't just go out and
> > buy myself a copy of Logic right now. It's out of the question.
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