Re: Methods of Creation / Setup

Subject: Re: Methods of Creation / Setup
From: Ryan Supak (
Date: Sun Sep 18 2005 - 09:50:50 EDT

I play out, and increasingly abroad, about once a week (I just learned that
the style is called "ElectroAcoustic Improvisation"; now that I know that I
can sleep at night), ergo I've built my whole process around:

* tactile gestures having an audible effect

* setup being easy to carry around

* 88-key MIDI controller as input

* PD(as a MIDI parser that greatly deepens the control I can get out of a

* Ableton(Session View, no Quantization, set up in such a way that it's easy
to resample itself)

* Plugins (carefully chosen to be as "nothing" as possible)

* Tape machine records the output.

* I aggressively fight "Gear Acquisition Syndrome".

pics: <>

My process stems from starting out as a "real" musician I think; it left me
with a predisposition for thinking that musical improvisation is a tactile
process. To me, sequencing or even multitracking is "dead".

One thought about controllers: A lot of people end up on a quest to find the
"Uber-Controller". I've settled on the 88-key piano, having realized that it
really is one of the most refined musical interfaces around.



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