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Subject: RE: Methods of Creation / Setup
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Date: Sun Sep 18 2005 - 09:17:53 EDT

I look at the work flow in two parts: first, sound creation and
modification; second, sound recording.

For optimum flexibility and clarity, that would involve three computers, the
Macintosh with all of the sound modification programs native to its
platform, a Windows machine likewise and the third machine to act as a
recorder of all the results on the first two and as a composition device to
arrange all the sounds in tracks and in the appropriate order.

James Brody

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Another nice set of processing tools is Fscape. You can find it at

It's platform independant and, like ArgiephontesLyre, can take up a
lot of processing time. And, the results are pretty clean. No realtime
stuff, but the wait is worthwhile.

It's less poetic than "the Lyre" but it was also created as a set of
tools used by the composer for his own ends. It's help files are good,
but incomplete, but also give some insight into the preferences
(opinions) of the composer/programmer.


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> I got myself a $200 2nd hand MBox. Didn't kill my economy, and it works
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> > Well, there's also the more realistic side: I can't just go out and
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