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Subject: Re: Methods of Creation / Setup
From: Henry Rodrick (
Date: Sun Sep 18 2005 - 03:38:53 EDT

Well, these are some of the questions I'm hopefully gonna find out my
individual answers to the next couple of decades or so...
Start experimenting, and you will probably find out how you'd like to
I can give you one hints though. Since you said you use Ableton Live as
DAW, I would highly suggest that you get something less
"linear" for EAM. Pro Tools, DP, Nuendo, Logic... Lotsa different
options, and the difference in quality seems to be a matter of taste.
I personally use ProTools Mix 24 in school and ProTools LE (MBox) at
Live is based much on bars, beats and even numbers of repetition.
That's a good idea for some music, but very limiting for EAM.

Good luck!


On 2005-09-18, at 05.07, Morgan Sutherland wrote:

> This poses the question,
> how will I do it? What will my work flow look like? What will be the
> source of my audio?

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