Re: Le mat?riau Sonore, hidden place

Subject: Re: Le mat?riau Sonore, hidden place
From: Richard Wentk (
Date: Sat Sep 17 2005 - 07:27:11 EDT

At 23:55 16/09/2005, you wrote:
>Well, if they made it correctly, you would be able to adjust
>parameters which would allow you to MAKE it a good piano, or not. If
>it only had one sound, what's the point? Well... there is one, but, it
>would be vastly more useful if there were parameters.

I think you'd have to have so many parameters - right down to the
metallurgical characteristics of the alloys used in the frame and strings,
and the physical properties of the case and soundboard, including the
layers of lacquer - that you could spend forever tweaking everything trying
to get the perfect sound.

And then you have the problem of how to diffuse it. A piano is not a point
source, and a stereo simulation will lose a lot of relevant information.
Speakers are always the weak link in the chain, and only become tolerably
realistic if you have a five or six figure budget. Which means instead of
trundling around a big flat harp on a truck you have to trundle around a
huge speaker set instead. Oh well. :-)

Meanwhile at the other extreme today's sampled pianos seem good enough for
recording anything that isn't a commercial solo classical performance.


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