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Subject: Re: Le mat?riau Sonore, hidden place
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Date: Fri Sep 16 2005 - 09:49:29 EDT

This definition of complexity highlights the major difference between physical
reality which is stuffed with physical coupling and system dynamics will the
virtual (like digital representation) world don't have any dynamics :
everything is uncoupled. That is their no influence between the creation of a
tone with a given module and then an other tone with an other module. (I would
like to know what would think Gilbert Simondon [I am thinking of his great book
on the mode of existence of the technical objects, more spefically about the
adaptation between tech object and its environment] of virtual and numerical
worlds ... any ideas?) And since most of the virtual reality boys and girls
found that it is a pretty cold world, they start to create coupling and
dynamics for virtual objects and worlds. Creating a physical (but virtual!)
logic for a given artificial world.

Okay, now you have all to stop talking about so much interesting topics in the
past days, it disturb me from my work!!! :) As I always try to resist to the
temptation to put some comments ... of course, this is a joke.

> > >well, it's not a contest right? and it depends on what
> > >you mean by 'broader' and 'pallet'. i think what
> > >ned's talking about is how complex, say the sound of a
> > >piano note is when you play a key and listen to the
> > >sound of it decay...the sound is incredibly complex,
> > >resonates with the other strings, different harmonics
> > >(or partials, or overtones, whatever) reinforce and/or
> > >cancel each other, and this all occurs over a period
> > >of time and is influenced by how well it's tuned, how
> > >hard you hit the key, the temperature in the room,
> > >etc.

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