Re:ality Structuring

Subject: Re:ality Structuring
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 23:22:08 EDT

We don't seem to know very much about how the mind structures reality.

This is not an issue if one believes that reality exists
independently of the mind.

Choose your hemlock.



At 23:11 -0400 2005/09/15, Morgan Sutherland wrote:
>How so? In the realm of synthesis and processing? Or psychoacoustics?
>Do we need more synthesis techniques, more deeply modeled ones? Detail
>or new ideas?
>On 9/15/05, Michael Gogins <> wrote:
>> We KNOW that we can get computers to make all those cool soundes
>>Shane Turner describes -- it's a conseqauence of the Church-Turing
>>thesis and the finite bandwidth and resolution of the ear.
>> Only we don't know how to program the computer to make them -- yet.
>> Learning this stuff is really where it's at with computer music.
>> That, and understanding how to get the computer to work directly
>>with musical semantics, compositional structures, as we are just
>>beginning to do with sounds.
>> We won't use the computer to its potential until we know a LOT
>>more about music and music theory -- a lot lot more.
>> Regards,
> > Mike

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