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Subject: Re: Le mat?riau Sonore, hidden place
From: Morgan Sutherland (
Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 21:25:29 EDT

This is so true about piano. I've been doing improv on piano for a
while, but I do not have a real piano. I play on synthesizers and
vintage casio things with mini-keys, but when i get to play a real
piano every once in a while, it's the most amazing experience. No
piano emulation I've played comes remotely close.

I want to play a piano with mini-keys, they allow you to cover a lot
more of the frequency domain. Or a ltitle more.

That's all besides the point. I do not deny the advantages of acoustic
instruments, I just think there's something for the computer musician
to learn from the instrumentalist.

On 9/15/05, Shane Turner <> wrote:
> I guess this is more of a response to both Ned and Morgan's posts.
> While it is true that a computer can create a lot of different sounds, there
> are certain things it just cannot create, at least in my opinion. I've been
> strictly a computer musician for a long time but the past couple of years,
> thanks to hanging out with a few friends, I started really experimenting
> with acoustic instruments and this for me opened up a whole different world
> I had been missing out on.
> Take a piano, it is amazing the sheer variety of timbres and sounds you can
> get out of it if you explore a bit. Prepared piano (which in itself can
> create an amazing wealth of different sounds), this is only the beginning.
> You want noise, try scraping the coils, etc. Want strange tones, try bowing
> the strings, and go for the points that create overtones, etc. The richness
> of the sound is incredible, and always varied and different. While I love
> tinkering around with computer software, the immediacy and hands-on feel of
> a live instrument is also hard to beat.
> Be the first on your block to surprise your friends with unusual sounds they
> can't duplicate in software. Experiment with an acoustic instrument Today.
> --shane
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> >I don't think you would disagree that a computer has a much broader
> > pallet of sound then ANY instrument.
> >
> > On 9/15/05, Ned Bouhalassa <> wrote:
> >> A sampler/cd/turntable/cassette deck can make any noise in existence,
> >> but only because it _records_ other sounds. If you're talking about
> >> synthesized sound, then I disagree. I've yet to hear any
> >> computer-synthesized sound that comes close to the richness of timbre
> >> of most acoustic instruments and sounds in general. I believe it has to
> >> do with the natural chaos of transient material and unpredictability of
> >> partials over time occuring in a natural setting, but... I'm in over my
> >> head. You guys and gals will surely correct my pop acoustics.
> >>
> >> Ned
> >>
> >> On 15-Sep-05, at 7:19 PM, Morgan Sutherland wrote:
> >>
> >> > The computer can make virtually any noise in
> >> > existence while an acoustic instrument is confined to a narrowband of
> >> > timbre, however with many many possibilities within those limits.
> >>
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