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Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 21:18:26 EDT

The piano without a face was definitely used by me at one point or another.
: )

Off topic, I think my awakening to creating sounds with acoustic instruments
happened many moons ago when I first heard a recording of Fluorescenses by


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>A picture of one of Concordia's First Year studios ...
> Best
> Kevin
> At 20:50 -0400 2005/09/15, Shane Turner wrote:
>>I guess this is more of a response to both Ned and Morgan's posts.
>>While it is true that a computer can create a lot of different sounds,
>>there are certain things it just cannot create, at least in my opinion.
>>I've been strictly a computer musician for a long time but the past couple
>>of years, thanks to hanging out with a few friends, I started really
>>experimenting with acoustic instruments and this for me opened up a whole
>>different world I had been missing out on.
>>Take a piano, it is amazing the sheer variety of timbres and sounds you
>>can get out of it if you explore a bit. Prepared piano (which in itself
>>can create an amazing wealth of different sounds), this is only the
>>beginning. You want noise, try scraping the coils, etc. Want strange
>>tones, try bowing the strings, and go for the points that create
>>overtones, etc. The richness of the sound is incredible, and always
>>varied and different. While I love tinkering around with computer
>>software, the immediacy and hands-on feel of a live instrument is also
>>hard to beat.
>>Be the first on your block to surprise your friends with unusual sounds
>>they can't duplicate in software. Experiment with an acoustic instrument

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