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Subject: Re: Le mat?riau Sonore, hidden place
From: Morgan Sutherland (
Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 19:19:42 EDT

I disagree. I'd say Reaktor or CSound is equivalent to an instrument.
How many people can design and play patches like instrumentalists can
play instruments? Not really... that many. Maybe one interface on a
computer, one Reaktor ensemble or whatever, but the ability to very
quickly produce what you need is rare. These are hard things to
compare, but I would never compare the computer as an instrument to an
acoustic instrument. The computer can make virtually any noise in
existence while an acoustic instrument is confined to a narrowband of
timbre, however with many many possibilities within those limits.

On 9/15/05, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay <> wrote:
> > by that logic, it would be best to be able to play as many instruments
> > as possible so you're never in the same mind frame.
> No. it means to be able to play on the same instrument (the computer,
> or a classical guitar) as much different alternate techniques,
> repertroire from different era. Or to know as much possible on
> something before
> A piece of software is by no mean something as hard to master as an
> instrument. the computer, with its sum of software, langage, etc, is
> more related to what you are saying.
> So yes, do your scales, and after 10 years of 8 hours a day you might
> find CSound, Max/MSP, reaktor and any other version of those tools as
> easy to learn as a pianist trained at the same discipline
> pa
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