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Subject: Re: Looking for a Mentor
From: bill thompson (
Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 14:24:21 EDT

good for you morgan! i was ten years older then you
before i knew this was what i wanted to do. and by
the way, don't worry if it's academic or not, just
worry if it's good! listen to lots of music (all
genres, all time periods, all traditions...everything
can inform your practice), trust your instincts but
give music that you don't like initially a chance-in
six months you might find that what at first you
didn't like turns out to be worth listening to. good
luck finding a mentor,


b. lots (scores and books) as well...when i
first started, i read every interview by a composer i
could get my hands on.

--- Morgan Sutherland <> wrote:

> Members of CEC Conference,
> Your expertise are requested. My name is Morgan
> Sutherland. I'm 16 and
> attend Nantucket High School in Massachusetts. I
> recently started my
> junior year and was overjoyed to have been approved
> to take an
> "exhibition" course. I have decided that my personal
> exhibition course
> will be focused on DSP processing, experimental
> composition, and
> overall experimental music. My "guiding question" is
> something along
> the lines of "how can I create 'academic' DSP
> oriented music that does
> not become too 'academic', or that doesn't lose
> sight of tradition
> musical goals such as emotional provocation and
> simply communication".
> I'm planning on using software (on the Mac) like
> Soundhack,
> Arge´phontes lyre, Cycling '74's M, IXI software,
> etc. and I'm also
> learning JAVA simultaneously so I'm not sure how
> that will work its
> way in. My DAW of choice is Ableton Live, so I may
> be working with
> that for arrangement/mixing.
> A requirement of this course is that I have a
> mentor. When I made my
> proposal, I assumed that the school music director
> would be my mentor.
> However, I gave it a second thought and realized
> that my mentor need
> not necessarily be a school employee, in fact, my
> mentor need not even
> live here! This made me realize that I could seek a
> mentor that
> actually has expertise in my area of study. I'm
> asking you because I
> know a lot of you are professors at universities and
> prominent
> musicians and therefore have a multitude of
> connections in the
> "business", or lack thereof, in addition to
> knowledge and experience.
> So what I'm asking for exactly is either an offer
> from you to become
> my mentor, or a list of references to names and
> email addresses to
> which I will send more proposals.
> In order to be my mentor, you will need to, or I
> would like you to
> help me find somebody that has a quite advanced
> knowledge in my topic
> of study (obviously), but most importantly, I need
> somebody that is
> willing to put in the time commitment. Composition
> analysis and
> advice, I presume, will be needed frequently, but at
> least weekly. I
> think it would be healthy to maintain consistent
> email contact and
> such also.
> Thank you for anything you can do for me.
> Morgan Sutherland

"The more you think about things the weirder they seem." -Calvin

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