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Subject: Re: Re : Le matériau Sonore, hidden place
From: bill thompson (
Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 13:31:26 EDT

does anyone wonder if part of the problem might be
that lots of ea is composed with diffusion integral to
it's reception? the reason i say this is i've heard a
few pieces on cd, on a decent stereo system and
thought they were 'ok' but that was about it...then
coming to the u.k. and hearing them live, they just
sprung to life...they took on a totally different
character. it's worked in the reverse as well, where
i've heard and been knocked out by a piece diffused
live, that seemed 'flat' (not just acoustically, but
as a piece) when played later in just stereo. how
much do you think that that limits the positive
reception to people who don't experience it in full


--- Henry Rodrick <> wrote:

> Well, I have a couple of "electronica friends", and
> it seems to be two
> different reactions when I play them my etudes...
> Either they really like it and want me to play some
> more of the EAM
> reportoir, finally ending up as full-blooded sound
> art junkies.
> Or, they go "Naah, this is all arty and crap... "
> (generally, that's
> the same guy complaining when the beat is left out)
> Conclusion: There is a large listener base for
> alternative electronic
> music, and many of them would love EAM. They just
> never get in touch
> with it, but I hope that this is about to change
> (for example, here in
> Sweden there's the label Komplott, trying to bring
> best of both worlds
> together).
> Thanks for the record tips!
> Henry
> On 2005-09-15, at 17.50, Louis Dufort wrote:
> > * I think that going for acousmatic concert for
> years and playing in
> > front
> > of 25 people, then going to those new hip artist
> concert where there is
> > around 300 to 500 made me wish a lot of time how
> those kid would react
> > in
> > front of a more immersive (all in the dark
> concert) on a 16 speaker
> > sound
> > diffusion system with a solid acousmatic music
> program? Maybe this
> > was also
> > part of my crankiness... ;-)
> //henry rodrick
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"The more you think about things the weirder they seem." -Calvin

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