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Subject: Re: Judge / Assess / Rank
From: Morgan Sutherland (
Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 13:17:10 EDT

what kind of conversation are you trying to initiate? one based on the
philosophy behind the assignment, or on the assignment itself.

On 9/15/05, Kevin Austin <> wrote:
> At 23:41 +1000 2005/09/15, miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:
> >Morgan Sutherland wrote:
> >
> >>I find that it's a good thing when judgments are not so concrete....
> >
> >why do we need to judge?
> Maybe a slight shift in terms may assist here. Competitions are about
> assessing, judging and ranking. This is a characteristic of life. The
> fe/male seeking a partner will assess available candidates and if
> there are many who fit the criteria, judgements will follow, and then
> ranking.
> Even educated fleas do it.
> My first assignment for the 3rd year ea course has begun to bring
> this into focus for the class and has led to assessment /
> re-assessment. Since the Cache series of CDs
> now numbers 6, there exists
> within the ea community a source of materials to develop this idea.
> The Cache CDs contain the top 10 works from the CEC's young and
> emerging composers competition, Jeux de temps / TimesPlay, but on the
> CDs the pieces are placed in alphabetical order.
> Asking the class to listen to these pieces, to assess each one and
> give it a 'value', and then to rank them from 1 - 10, allows each
> student the possibility of grappling with the issues related to
> judging.
> Only 5 pieces will be selected for 'awards', and the class has to
> determine not only which pieces will 'win', but more importantly,
> "why".
> The JTTP contest appears to be somewhat unique in that all
> submissions are available on the web and it is possible for anyone to
> go through the whole set of submissions and determine whether they
> agree with the statistical consensus.
> As a service to the composers, jury members are encouraged to write
> their comments, advice, suggestions ... which range from: "mastery
> and control in all ways", to "a very nice 5 minute piece --
> unfortunately it took you 7 1/2 minutes", to "you need better
> speakers", to "don't give up your day (or your night) job".
> Best
> Kevin

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