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Subject: Re:ality Check
From: bill thompson (
Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 12:11:11 EDT

this reminds me of the story cage received asking if
he'd prostitute his music for money.

the answer:



i'd take the job, if a) they understood what i do and
how i typically sound (as in, they don't expect me to
sound like someone else) and if possible b) they
allowed an artist talk (with interpreter) before or
after the show. i'd still try my best to work the
concept sincere into the piece, but it'd filter
through me as an artist of course. otherwise i'm not
being hired as an artist, but imo, a sound designer.
nothing against sound designers, i just consider it a
different thing than an artist/composer.

if these people who have never heard ea (and we all
know that's a huge umbrella ea is not the
same as mr or mrs x's ea...i think that's why it'd be
important they were familiar with my work...i
certainly don't represent the genre personally
etc)...then i think the biggest disservice would be to
water it down or somehow make it 'more' palatable. if
they're going to hear it, they may as well hear the
real thing, the best you can deliver, something
sincere and with integrity. at least that way if they
hate it, they hate the real deal and not something
that's been compromised because of your fears of how
they might react.

most might hate it, but i'm betting one or two or
maybe more will be really inspired and maybe that'll
lead to something for them. it's totally ideal i
realize, but i'd rather they hate or love it/me for
what i do rather for something in which i've pulled my
punches. to be honest, when i do get into that head
space where i'm thinking about how an outside observer
will receive my work (i fight against this actually) i
try to write for that one or two who might like it...
besides, how will they ever know they like ea if they
don't actually hear the real thing?


--- Kevin Austin <> wrote:

> At 23:42 +1000 2005/09/15, miriam clinton (iriXx)
> wrote:
> >whoops. it seems kevin has set us a far more
> interesting exercise.
> >(ps. are two tickets to china included?)
> Not at all an exercise in the 'traditional' sense,
> rather a question
> of placing boundaries. There were advocates for new,
> progressive,
> unusual, challenging ... sounds and pieces. My
> proposal was one of
> grounding the discussion.
> It is one thing to speak in abstract terms about
> aesthetic values, it
> is another to apply them.
> A composer who insists on being experimental and
> always exploring the
> further limits of sound(s), form, structures etc, is
> invited to be
> heard by an audience of 1500, but with some
> conditions.
> It is easy to make the situation more difficult for
> anyone who is
> reluctant by adding a commissioning fee of $10,000,
> or in the case of
> an academic, "the" line on the cv that will assure
> tenure!
> Best
> Kevin
> and from the humor / wisdom of Winston Churchill
> Winston: "Madam, Would you sleep with me for 1m
> Pounds?"
> Unknown woman: "Yes sir, I think i would"
> Winston: "Well, how about 1 Pound?"
> Unknown woman: "Winston! What sort of woman do you
> think i am?"
> Winston: "Madam, that matter has already been
> solved. Now we're
> just bartering over your price."

"The more you think about things the weirder they seem." -Calvin

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