Re : Le matriau Sonore, hidden place

Subject: Re : Le matriau Sonore, hidden place
From: Louis Dufort (
Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 11:50:21 EDT

> I was a lot into the 12K and raster-noton stuff a few years ago, and
> what I really like about those artists is how they treat sounds pretty
> much like graphical design. Minimal, conseptual and stylized. I think
> the problem (for me) with that music is the lack of compositional ideas
> - there is not much going on in the pieces. They often work best as
> looped background sounds for something else (web, video etc.)

Your're totally right! I felt the same way, those artists that didn't
bother to play with the overall form and structure, which again can be nice
and refreshing (just kind of hanging in spcace) but after a 3 hours show
where everybody* is looking to a guy in front of a laptop just made me

For me this music works better on cd where normally the tracks are more
constructed and I can feel a better use of event Vs time. In concert they
go in an improv mode which IMO is not the best music to do so. The worse is
when they go into a pseudo-conceptual mood and just don't care about the end
result anymore.

* I think that going for acousmatic concert for years and playing in front
of 25 people, then going to those new hip artist concert where there is
around 300 to 500 made me wish a lot of time how those kid would react in
front of a more immersive (all in the dark concert) on a 16 speaker sound
diffusion system with a solid acousmatic music program? Maybe this was also
part of my crankiness... ;-)


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