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Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 09:41:29 EDT

Morgan Sutherland wrote:

>>I don't think it's a stable concept. There is a disjuncture between
>>innovativeness (sorry) as individually perceived, and as a structure in
>>wider discourse. Individual perceptions of what may or may not sound
>>innovative are mediated not only by the individual's experience up to
>>the instance of perception, but also by a whole bunch of contextual
>>variables we may apply to what we hear - so we may judge innovation in
>>terms relative to a genre we associate the music with, and also within a
>>historical context ('innovative for its time'). In any case, I'm still
>>not sure that it has any bearing on whether one is engaged by the
>>experience or not.
>I find that it's a good thing when judgments are not so concrete. It
>gives us things to talk about and things to think about. If there was
>some general rule by which we could rate music, it would be quite
>boring. Judging music by innovation is just another way of judging,
>just like all of the other methods. Some other methods of judging?
>"Coolness", ability to make you dance, ability to make you cry. And
>yes, there are people who devote their music listening to rating music
>based on those criteria, just as unstable as "innovativeness".

why do we need to judge?


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