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Subject: Re: Le matériau Sonore, hidden place
From: Henry Rodrick (
Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 04:46:39 EDT

I was a lot into the 12K and raster-noton stuff a few years ago, and
what I really like about those artists is how they treat sounds pretty
much like graphical design. Minimal, conseptual and stylized. I think
the problem (for me) with that music is the lack of compositional ideas
- there is not much going on in the pieces. They often work best as
looped background sounds for something else (web, video etc.)

As a student of EA music, i would love to experiment with this kind of
sound material, but applying structural ideas from the academic scene.
Has anyone here done this?


On 2005-09-13, at 20.37, Ned Bouhalassa wrote:

> I think a lot of the electronica that Louis is bored with is simply
> electroacoustic music created by people who didn't study it in
> University. Some will have a 'fresh' approach, and many will be
> re-inventing the wheel without knowing it, especially those in the
> drone scene.
> Personally, I really liked the whole microsound scene, as it felt very
> different from a lot of the rich, dense electroacoustic music I had
> been listening to in the 90s. This minimal music was also often
> created by people who were coming from a visual arts background, and
> was therefore more conceptual, far from musique concrete in that way.
> And yet, there was much attention paid to the quality of the sonic
> experience, at least when it came to the more interesting artists,
> like the gang from 12K records.
> Maybe, Louis, you're also just entering another phase in your life. I
> know that I've gone through periods where I could no longer stand
> listening to XX type of music, only to fall in love with it again
> 10-15 yrs later. It had little to do with the artists, and everything
> to do with my shifting interests.
> Ned

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