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Subject: Re: Le mat?riau Sonore, hidden place
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Wed Sep 14 2005 - 23:32:33 EDT

as ever, its the person behind the toon - or the person behind the
program in this case - that makes the difference.

i believe the quality of work produced has little to do with the program
involved, and that a lot of prejudice is held in academia towards
non-academic, underground dance oriented programs such as Reaktor. I
have used similiar programs - in particular Absynth - with excellent
results. I've listened to the most original mixes created using only
Fruity Loops - a program that is frowned upon even in the dance world.

Csound is more powerful.... I've never heard such rubbish. The power is
in the creator, not the program.

Richard Wentk wrote:

> At 17:05 14/09/2005, you wrote:
>> Why would someone use Reaktor rather than Max/MSP, PD, SuperCollider,
>> or Csound? I played with Reaktor 4 and although it was a lot of fun,
>> PD and Csound are a lot more powerful and free besides.
> "Csound is more powerful" is just mythology.
> The only things you can do in Csound that you can't do in Reaktor is
> script individual events, do spectral processing and (sort of) work
> microtonally. Otherwise, virtually any synthesis technique you can
> think of can be realised far more quickly in Reaktor than in Csound.
> And the general level of creativity and imagination wrt synthesis and
> sound design I've seen from the Reakor community has been light years
> ahead of the Csound community, many of whom seem to believe that
> producing a DX7 clone, a bingly-bongly reverb or an extremely poor
> analogue imitation is a major achievement.
> As for price - how much is your time worth? If it takes a week to make
> something happen in Csound and a day to make it happen in Reaktor,
> which is cheaper?
> Max/MSP is the natural step up from Reaktor, and SuperCollider is a
> good alternative for those who like coding. Compared to these
> alternatives
> PD is a toy, and Csound is a once-interesting but now antiquated and
> increasingly irrelevant museum piece. (Although it is a good
> Sourceforge playpen for those who like footling around with compilers
> and code.)
> Richard

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