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Subject: Re: Re : (junk yard dog in) hidden place
From: Larry Austin (
Date: Wed Sep 14 2005 - 18:05:16 EDT

Hear, hear!!! I treasure my 38 years of musical academic life and the
freedom and opportunities to create, as I wanted/needed, during and
after that tenure. I recall what a former student said, after asking
me to help him with his resume after passing the defense of his
dissertation/composition/concert. I asked him, "What kind of job
do you want?" He answered, "One just like yours."

We academic composers--experimental all--are inspired by our
colleagues, students, and loyal audience (on cd's, in print, in concert,
in networks, conferences, festivals et al). Long live academia!

Larry Austin

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay wrote:

> > Bottom line: if you're a natural teacher, become an academic and just
> > keep pushing to be original. If you hate teaching or can live on the
> > cheap, just try to make composing into a full-time job.
> I am new to academia, but what I think it brings me the most, over a
> stimulating community of exchange, is:
> 1) stimulation from the ever-questioning teens, It is easy otherwise
> to fall into the track of self repetition.
> 2) the research network and equipment: good studios, good portable
> sound chasing devices, latest software, travel expense.
> After years of self employment, chasing (or begging) money to various
> art councils, having a place to compose, to listen and to be listened,
> to criticise and be criticised, is a good step forward to be a better,
> deeper composer. And maybe bring something direct to my community by
> introducing younger composers to music they would not have heard
> otherwise.
> And I count on them to introduce me to music I would not have heard
> otherwise...
> pa
> ps By the way, quoting people is not snobery of insecure justification.
> It is jjust being not so dumb to think we invent every of our
> thoughts, by crediting their author.
> pps Composing is for me one of the very few total-awareness experience,
> from guts to brain, from hips to the aura ;-)
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