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Subject: Re : Re : (junk yard dog in) hidden place
From: Louis Dufort (
Date: Wed Sep 14 2005 - 14:52:13 EDT

> Hi Louis,
> This is a particular concern of mine. Please bear with me.
> What are your usual listening situations for when you are listening to
> music? Are you listening to everything you listed under the same
> conditions?

Yes, in an stereo setup in my home studio. Surround pieces would be listen
to the school, they use the same HP than in my home studio but they have
more ;-)

Is everything you have on CD or are you including un-plugged
> examples of 'live' music?

No, all CD. This is part of my big fun with instrumental music is that the
producing and recording technics are so nice and very develop. Where for EA
the concert hall is definitely the place to be.

What 'else' is in your daily soundscape that
> might be considered penetrating or attention grabbing? Thanks.

Well beside Xenakis and Curtis Rhodes earlier mentionned here's some latest
pick that got me going. PS, much of it is instrumental though.

"Color" from Dalbavie
Available at archambault Berri.

Not available on commercial CD yet but most piece from young EA composer
Martin Bedard is pretty strong.

Most of all the winners in EA festival are pretty good stuff, Ambrose Field,
with is "A hell of a place to loose a cow" was quite innovative!

Gérard Grisey is a must!
Available at archambault Berri.

Most of Tristan Murail works
Available at archambault Berri.

Boulez (yes, is latest works really rocks!)
Sur incises (1996/1998) Dérive 2 (1998-2002) Répons (1981-84)

Stockhausen Oktophonie really hit me a few years ago

And consider Bayle, Dhomont, Henry to be part of my heritage...

Au plaisir


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