Re: Re : (junk yard dog in) hidden place

Subject: Re: Re : (junk yard dog in) hidden place
From: Ian Chuprun (
Date: Wed Sep 14 2005 - 10:11:16 EDT

Louis Dufort wrote:

> So I guess to bring out this thread to a more "positive" perspective, I do
> feel that instrumental composer are much more pushing the envelop of
> composition than most electronic and EA composers.

Hi Louis,

This is a particular concern of mine. Please bear with me.

What are your usual listening situations for when you are listening to
music? Are you listening to everything you listed under the same
conditions? Is everything you have on CD or are you including un-plugged
examples of 'live' music? What 'else' is in your daily soundscape that
might be considered penetrating or attention grabbing? Thanks.



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