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Date: Wed Sep 14 2005 - 10:10:11 EDT


Of course, I didn't mean that he _wouldn't_ be bored if the electronica
artists he was listening to _had_ studied ea! It's just that, from my
experience, listening to a young, very respected electronica artist do
something 'fresh' that Pierre Henry was doing 40 years ago (listen to a
Janek Schaefer show with your eyes closed), or hearing a live
electronica perfomer replicate what Subotnick did in the early 70s
(live David Kristian) can be quite boring to us 'in the know'. The
advantage of studying ea is that you can have a greater sense of
perspective, you can better forge your own distinct path because you
know what has already been accomplished.

BTW, I'm totally bored with Autechre these days. They haven't broken
new ground in many years it seems. Pan Sonic, OTOH, is still very

On 14-Sep-05, at 8:29 AM, miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:

> i disagree respectfully with Ned regarding the notion that "a lot of
> the electronica that Louis is bored with is simply electroacoustic
> music created by people who didn't study it in University".

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