Re: (junk yard dog in) hidden place

Subject: Re: (junk yard dog in) hidden place
From: bill thompson (
Date: Tue Sep 13 2005 - 18:33:46 EDT

hi morgan,

i'm not sure if you mean what you're saying but here
are my thoughts:

--- Morgan Sutherland <> wrote:

> I
> think it's reasonable to make statements about
> stereotyped majorities,
> although perhaps disrespectful.

you're kidding right? sorry, i DON'T. i don't think
it's reasonable nor productive. mostly because
statements about undefined 'theys' CREATE the
stereotypes and then you're not talking about anyone
real, but rather just some vague 'they' that no one
can compare or check your comments against

> My qualm however is, when you make statements like
> this, they tend
> to kill the conversation

yep, that's what happens when stereotypes are checked
against reality.

and btw, i've never to date seen a conversation killed
on this list ;) even the time that guy metaphorically
mowed down the list with multiple swear words (which i
admit at the time was a breath of fresh air for me)
was allowed to persist for a few i doubt my
little post has that kind of power.

> whether the
> conversation is kosher
> or not, or whether there's even a point,
> conversation is fun.

and fun is fine, even preferable, but not at the
expense of accuracy and fairness. i wasn't talking
about being politically correct [kosher] btw, i was
talking about being accurate. that shouldn't kill a
conversation, unless there wasn't any substance to it
to begin with.

>I find
> it's best just to play along, even if just to learn
> how to compete with
> pretentious scholars.

why? take off the kids gloves son, and dig in! you
won't learn to compete with those 'pretentious
scholars' if you 'just play along'...

[and errr, if all the pretentious scholars could
please step forward]

> Every conversation can be ended by the simple
> statement: stop talking
> about what's wrong with music and go make some!

i like that!

> Also, when you want to reply to a thread, make sure
> you reply to the last
> message in
> that thread

sorry if that caused you problems, but i did it on
purpose because it was in response to something i
sensed about the thread itself and not neccessarily to
the comment made by the last person...that's also why
i changed the subject line ;)


"The more you think about things the weirder they seem." -Calvin

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