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Subject: Re : Le matriau Sonore, hidden place
From: Louis Dufort (
Date: Tue Sep 13 2005 - 12:05:45 EDT

> You are all speaking so academically about a majority of people who just
> want to make
> "phat beats" and "grooves". These people aren't making some sort of concious
> decision,
> this is what they know to do. They listen to music that sounds interesting
> and they call
> it "weird" or "unlistenable". People *like* texturally boring music.

Yes, your right concerning BOC, but I do like their music for other reasons,
the esthetic is quite clear with BOC, they produce a kind of neo-psychedelic
and is much more oriented in the pop avenue than experimental sound artist
although they do put a lot of time in their producing. Their is a threshold
level where artist like Bjork, BOC, Radiohead or even Electro-punk artist on
Tiger Beats, are using sound in a more sophisticated way but are still
perceive as pop artist and cannot be put in the same basket than more
experimental, conceptual sound artist.

To me the "problems" don't come from those beat artist, because actually
those artist are the one that are the more innovative and interesting (Aphex
Twins, Autechre, Pan Sonic, Oval). The problems comes when they take out
the beat, this is where many of those underground artist looses my interest.

Because once that beat is out, you then fall into a different relation with
Time, Form, Structure and Sonic Evolution. The worse cases for me are the
drones artist, and noise, where not only the sounds that are use are very
poor but the length of the pieces are so long, ranging from 45min to 1h30!
Most of it could be actually quite interesting if only they knew when to
stop it.

I'm just in a mood were I feel that EA music is just ain't much extreme
anymore. I guess I'm just getting bored and calling for a revolution!

BTW I just bought Xenakis "La légende d'Eer" (1977-78 electronic works_1 on
Mode records). It's a 47 minute piece that is a very good exemple of an
very interesting long work!

Since I'm here, also a nice "découverte" quite refreshing, is the latest
Curtis Rhodes on Asphodel label "Point line Cloud".



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