Re: Le matériau Sonore, hidden place

Subject: Re: Le matériau Sonore, hidden place
From: Adrian Moore (
Date: Tue Sep 13 2005 - 07:21:34 EDT

> It is now so easy to produce ear-seducing, good sounding material,
>by using all the plugins and instruments available, with their
>preset settings. It is then easy to bung them one after the other,
>but music made this way will soon sounds out of date, and overheard.
>Until a new software and new presets are made...

I agree about the presets and think that most of the time, nice
sounds 'bunged together' will not sound musical.

BUT this isn't a good enough reason to NOT use ear-seducing, good
sounding material in ones compositions. If the context is correct,
the cliché (if 'nice' sounds are going to be catalogued as this)
should be understood. The fact that it often isn't is purely the
fault of the listener who is (perhaps - and amongst other things)
fx-spotting instead of listening to a different stream of data.


ps. we could get into the argument that it is the composer who should
be working the auto and allo centric aspects of the work such that
the listener has no reason to fx-spot, but clichés can have structure
too :)

For a discussion of Auto and Allo - centric approaches see
Smalley, D. (1992) The listening imagination: listening in the
electroacoustic era. In J. Paynter, T. Howell, R. Orton, and P.
Seymour, eds., Companion to Contemporary Musical Thought. London:
Routledge, 514-554

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