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Subject: Re: Le matériau Sonore, hidden place
From: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (
Date: Tue Sep 13 2005 - 05:01:35 EDT

Hi again!

If I can't stop answering those threads, my commission will be late and
I will have to bang sounds together strictly intuitively ;-)

> An instrumental composer compose with sounds, he should chose the
> “right sound” on his sound pallet, the electroacustic composer can
> (and should – in my opinion) compose the sounds to make a really
> interesting music.

Again I found this really reductive for the instrumental music.
Phrases, timbre combinations, alternate techniques, new instruments,
they do exactly the same as we do. It seems it is really human to
reduce our neighbour's worth to valorise ourself. As Louis said,
instrumental composers work really hard to push the boundaries of a
more restrained sound palette.

This said, I approve Louis's consideration, and I am happy that a
'connaisseur' of this music like him confirm my thoughts on electronica
(Obviously, I presume there is some exceptions, if I can point a

For the generic computer sound, I think the 'plugin-preset music' is
invading computer generated music. It is now so easy to produce
ear-seducing, good sounding material, by using all the plugins and
instruments available, with their preset settings. It is then easy to
bung them one after the other, but music made this way will soon sounds
out of date, and overheard. Until a new software and new presets are

But good music always had been the exception, if I am not mistaken. If
we just think at Bach's time, there was a composer in every Chapel, no?
  How many do we remember now? I think we should be confident that our
music will explore its boundaries and that creative solutions will
emerge from those constrains. That is where intuition brings its best,
to refer back to an older thread ;-)


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