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Subject: Re: Science, Knowledge, Understanding, Art and Wonder
From: Morgan Sutherland (
Date: Mon Sep 12 2005 - 15:26:12 EDT

How can you define this in such a concrete manner? If we're talking about
music here, not
necessarily solely "academic" music, much pop music is created almost
from analysis of both the consumer and previous successful pop songs. Some
is created as an exercise combining analysis and composition into one.

This gets even trickier with electroacoustic music as it is so often
Experimental meaning that it is not always from the heart, but perhaps from
the mind
so to speak. The mind is built up many associations. How can building up
associations based
on music not effect the creation of music that comes from those

Your metaphors are overly complex to express quite a simple problem. Perhaps
if you mentioned that you were referring to a specific process of musical
creation, or a specific

On 9/12/05, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay <> wrote:
> (message from Saturday but still of actuality I think.)
> Hello all.
> I don't say that understanding something kills it. I just say there is
> no relation between composition and analysis: between
> expression/creation/inner necessity and understanding the inner logic
> of the language of somebody else. An intuitive general culture (ie,
> cinema, theatre, museums, dance, etc) is way more useful to a creator
> than a specific knowledge of a very narrow field of expression. (the
> language of Mr X. during its 4th creative period)
> Another quote, really imperfect because it comes from a lecturer I had
> the chance to have before he died, and I ca't remember his name, but he
> was in the Philosophy department teaching Aesthetics, actually the
> hermeneutic of Aristotle's Aesthetic.
> - Do we need to be a botanist to enjoy the beauty of a rose (jouir de
> la beauté d'une rose is better but there is no such thing as jouir in
> English ;-)
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