Re: Science, Knowledge, Understanding, Art and Wonder

Subject: Re: Science, Knowledge, Understanding, Art and Wonder
From: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (
Date: Mon Sep 12 2005 - 05:00:23 EDT

Thank you Michael Rhoades to have put in proper English words what I
was trying to say!

My wife is a research scientist (systematic evolution), and I can say
that at post-doctoral levels, science is as creative as composing! For
example, one of the many things they have to do is, like us, find
solutions to questions that have been there for long, an original way.
Often, they have to sublime their knowledge to dare to go where their
intuition will lead them, without understanding at first glance why
they go there. Or even where they go.

It took a lot of creativity to propose evolutionism when it could have
sent you to hell for eternity. (it is still dangerous to teach it is
some States, no ;-) You had to think further everything you could have
been thought and imagine something else. The same after the Romantic
era. Stravinsky, and Schoenberg, had to say something but the language
around was not suitable...

Anyway, creation (in science and in art) take a good dose of 'let go'
(laisser-aller) within a controlled knowledge environment, quite a Zen
paradox. I think improvisation brings this paradox at its most
tangible incarnation, and that is why I like it so much: let the
creativity flow, boundless, within the mastery of the instrument...

Thank you all for that stimulating thread, now back to composition!


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