Re: Science, Knowledge, Understanding, Art and Wonder

Subject: Re: Science, Knowledge, Understanding, Art and Wonder
From: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (
Date: Mon Sep 12 2005 - 04:48:13 EDT

(message from Saturday but still of actuality I think.)

Hello all.

I don't say that understanding something kills it. I just say there is
no relation between composition and analysis: between
expression/creation/inner necessity and understanding the inner logic
of the language of somebody else. An intuitive general culture (ie,
cinema, theatre, museums, dance, etc) is way more useful to a creator
than a specific knowledge of a very narrow field of expression. (the
language of Mr X. during its 4th creative period)

Another quote, really imperfect because it comes from a lecturer I had
the chance to have before he died, and I ca't remember his name, but he
was in the Philosophy department teaching Aesthetics, actually the
hermeneutic of Aristotle's Aesthetic.

- Do we need to be a botanist to enjoy the beauty of a rose (jouir de
la beauté d'une rose is better but there is no such thing as jouir in
English ;-)

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