On Teaching in EaSt

Subject: On Teaching in EaSt
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Fri Sep 09 2005 - 20:44:54 EDT

Katharine's comments are to the point.

Maybe within the EaSt educational community it is time to develop
concepts for teaching and pedagogy that can be used to secure
resources and facilities.

One point made directly and indirectly many times is that ea has
matured to to point where the "one class" simply is not enough.
Students in a music program do not take "one course" that covers
history, aural skills, analysis, theory, 'ecriture' (techniques of
writing), and composition.

EaSt instructors need to make the case to Chairs, Deans, Directors
and colleagues that EaSt is an encompassing discipline that requires
vertical and lateral support which could include:

   3 or 4 years of 'studio / composition'
   2 or 3 years of ea oriented aural skills training
   1 year of history and repertoire
   2 years of analysis / analytic listening
   1 year of acoustics / psychoacoustics
   2 years of "Applied Music Theory for EaSt"
   2 years of Studio (sic) and mastering techniques

This amounts to a basic 3 year university core program (in North
American standards), and leaves room for mediatic studies etc.

Within the courses there would be throughout elements of:
       creativity [doing]
       perception [understanding]
       aesthetics [thinking]
with differing amounts of emphasis from course to course, year to
year and with the different student interests.

To help do this, some basic models of a normative curriculum for EaSt
would be developed, from one year "interest" programs, to joint-minor
programs, to Major in EaSt programs.

If there are schools with such programs in existence or being
planned, I think there is some interest in getting the links to this.



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