Re: Playing your own music... Just a though

Subject: Re: Playing your own music... Just a though
From: Eliot Handelman (
Date: Thu Sep 08 2005 - 21:14:24 EDT

Adrian Moore wrote:

>> 'L'analyse est stérile par définition. S'en servir pour expliquer
>> revient à décomposer, à mutiler l'esprit d'une ¦uvre. La critique est
>> inutile. Une ¦uvre n'est jamais objectivement belle pour tous ; elle
>> ne l'est que subjectivement pour chacun.'
>> VARÈSE, Edgard. 1983. Écrits. C. Bourgeois, Paris, p. 37
> Varèse is, IMV wrong in this instance. How do we listen and interpret
> what we hear without analysis and critique?

I also disagree with V, not for the same reasons. To defend V here: art
is for Varese something beautiful, but never objectively
so, and analysis -- which is a mutilation for V -- never manages to
capture it. For V to appreciate art is to enter into the "spirit"
of a work, which no kind of 'critique' can ever penetrate. There must
therefore exist something preanalytical, which
can't be revealed by critique, which determines whether or not we do
enter in such spirits.

Now that's probably true, because no amount of explanation gets people
to like classical music, or,
as far as I know, anything else. You have to be taken or interested in
some way to get into a work and what tht is
isn't likely to be some "synthetic" element that can be decomposed into
more basic categories. The further we
gt into music, I think, the more particular to ourtselves the experience
of music is. Rather than moving towards
the general -- amenable to analysis -- through art we might only get
towards ourselves.

-- eliot

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