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Subject: Re: Playing your own music... Just a though
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Thu Sep 08 2005 - 11:03:22 EDT

You were lucky to be of the generation and in a school where there
was one-to-one composition tutorials. I have two years of students,
with class sizes of 35 and 22 ... that's 57 students per week.

My situation is not about generosity of time, it's simply survival.
In the first year of ea here we have more than 85 students, and only
7 studios to handle these 140 people. Most of the studios fit 5 or 6
people reasonably comfortably.

Undergraduate composition (perhaps an oxymoron) has become a
class(room) activity for many of us, so it is essential to develop
tools and techniques that address the situation.

The Varese quote is interesting. But there was only one Varese in a
century and we see 40 new students per year, and we are only one for
five areas at Concordia teaching sound, and only one of five schools
in Montreal with sound programs.

Housing one homeless person is not so difficult; housing 400,000 is
something else again. (It has to do with resources and



At 11:32 +0100 2005/09/08, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay wrote:
>I was very lucky to be thought by teachers who helped me, at the
>very beginning of my 'composer's life', to try to find myself. Not
>by analysing other people's masterpiece, but by asking me what I
>wanted to do, helping me to put the project to execution and
>pointing me to references pieces to listen to.
>Of course, that involved from my teachers a total generous
>dedication, completely forgetting themselves and trying to find
>solutions to issues that were not theirs, but today I thank them
>very much, and I will try to do the same with my students. I will
>consider my pupils as full composer with less experience... and I
>will surely grow from their questions!
>To quote someone eveybody should know here:
>ŒL¹analyse est stérile par définition. S¹en servir pour expliquer
>revient à décomposer, à mutiler l¹esprit d¹une ¦uvre. La critique
>est inutile. Une ¦uvre n¹est jamais objectivement belle pour tous ;
>elle ne l¹est que subjectivement pour chacun.¹
> VARÈSE, Edgard. 1983. Écrits. C. Bourgeois, Paris, p. 37
>My 2 cents / 1 penny / 0,01¤
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