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Subject: Re: Playing your own music... Just a though
From: Adrian Moore (
Date: Wed Sep 07 2005 - 14:10:39 EDT

Interesting topic but the pragmatics of poiesis make it almost
impossible to play but a small portion of the 'canon' (and if you are
teaching in ea, no matter how holistic your vision, a canon is what
you are laying down). So, if you select some of your own music - why
not? All the better if it's contextualised within said canon. So I
play Harrison and Parmegiani amongst many others and then bathe in
any semblance of reflected glory as I contextualise my 'music'
amongst theirs. I make no pretension to originality: I actually hope
that my compositional practice draws heavily upon the work of these
very experienced individuals (as I have studied with them and
analysed their work). I think it is important *not* to see 'canons'
as some sort of firing squad (to mix my metaphors): a 'this is how it
is approach and you'll damn well learn it' style, BUT to recognize
that historical ties help talk about music *without actually talking
about it*.


...of course this means that a student with a kick-a** 'my first msp
patch' producing all manner of blips and squirts but with no concept
of the acousmatic will defer their success to a future year.

...and of course in light of recent emails on this subject, I would
to a certain extent be very wary of constraining creativity. On the
other hand, a rigorous approach to all matters ea during my
'formative years' - especially in creativity and music - is something
that I welcome now, though I may not have accepted the criticism many
years ago.

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