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Subject: Re: Playing your own music... Just a though
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Wed Sep 07 2005 - 00:31:13 EDT

I am interested in the counter-argument.

Have at it.



I think part of the matter here is about the context of the class. Is
this the only ea class in a junior college with 7 students or is this
the 3rd year of an undergraduate program with 22 students in the

I do things both ways, provide information sometimes, and often
don't, but the reason for not providing information is not based on a
belief that the students are tabla rasa and will speak pearls of
wisdom and beauty, but rather to require them to decipher the place
and potential origins of the work.

Does it sound like the 50s? Is it technically secure? Is it
programmatic or absolute? Is there voice? How is it used? What
languages are in use?

And, in my experience, classroom teaching is not about freeing up the
3 or 4 "top" students, but about working with the others in the class
-- those who have yet to develop strong hearing. These students
benefit from information and being required to come up with answers
(and questions!).

Those without training wheels are miles away anyhow.



At 18:34 -0700 2005/09/06, Katharine Norman wrote:
>jef chippewa wrote:
>>man, take the training wheels off, give 'em a shove and let them
>>fly! or crash and burn, either result can only benefit them.
>I beg to disagree.

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