The Dark, Albert Dock - Liverpool, UK

Subject: The Dark, Albert Dock - Liverpool, UK
From: Rob Godman (
Date: Tue Sep 06 2005 - 04:57:28 EDT

Hi all - I hope this will be of interest to those in the Liverpool
area of the UK.



The Dark has moved to:

Albert Dock, Liverpool, UK

The Dark is currently located in the Albert Dock in Liverpool, UK, next
to Nauticalia and the Pan American club. The Dark is accessible for
wheelchair users and the visually impaired. Please note that no hearing
loop is installed.

Show Times:
  August 1st - October 31st 2005
  10am - 6pm, last show at 5.40pm
  There are 3 shows an hour; on the hour, 20 past and 40 past the hour.
Shows can be booked in advance by calling 07973 800 841

The Dark gives you an opportunity to explore a specially created
three-dimensional audio environment in which the echoes of virtual
ghosts inhabit a haunted soundscape. In The Dark your eyes will be of
no use to you - instead, you will need to rely on your ears and your
imagination to find your way through a maze of troubled ghosts and
unlock the mysteries of their lives.

The Dark is a Braunarts project with the following collaborators:
         Rob Godman - composer
         Maria Oshodi - writer
         Adam Hoyle and Nick Rothwell - programmers
         Martyn Ware - 3D sound producer
         Tim Scott - studio engineer

Rob Godman

Senior Lecturer In Music Technology
John Lill Centre for Music Studies
University of Hertfordshire
T. (44) 01707 286592
F. (44) 01707 285098

Herts email -

Mobile 0781 249 1670

For more information ....

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