Re: Playing your own music... Just a though

Subject: Re: Playing your own music... Just a though
From: Katharine Norman (
Date: Mon Sep 05 2005 - 01:59:38 EDT

Hello Louis,

My French is worse than your English, so in English - apologies.

As an erstwhile teacher ......
I know that dilemma. In the past I've been a bit reluctant to play my
own work to students I am teaching, where a critique is invited. It's
much easier of course if you are visiting another institution and
playing your work to 'other peoples' students' - then they can really
respond with free opinions, which is great! My thinking- you maybe put
your students in an awkward situation. They may be reluctant to critique
your work, perhaps figuring you would dislike the response and give
them a bad grade one day! (However untrue that might and should be!).
Or perhaps they would feel just awkward and not want to engage with you
in that way. That being said, with more experienced grad students, or
with groups of students that I've got to know well - then I've
occasionally played my work - often a 'work in progress', since that is
the situation your students may be in too - if I think it might lead to
useful discussion/exploration of certain techniques. As you say, they
are in the position of having to play theirs in class, so why shouldn't
you 'suffer' too! - and there can be a lot of nervousness around (on
both sides!).

As a student, I often found it immensely useful and enjoyable to hear my
teachers' work - although I do admit I was reluctant to say much about
it in some cases. But maybe listening is sometimes enough (and they can
always talk about you when you've gone ;-)

I guess it's just a case of keeping an ear tuned for a good moment. It
would be interesting to know what others think.


 Louis Dufort wrote:

>I've been teaching now here and there for about 5 years, lately I do teach
>a bit more steady at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montreal. For the
>first time I played one of my piece to demonstrate some of my preoccupations
>and I felt kinda weird inside. Why this feeling, scared to be judge after
>judging them quite often? Parano´d of been accused of M. le Professeur that
>is forcing his own students into his music! Aahhhhh now I'm sweating while
>my music is played, It is just to make a technical point, I then said in my
>head to calm me down.
>Is it just me but I did find it hard to play my music to my student, this is
>in a way odd but also just normal I guess.
>BTW, I don't recall any teacher that made me listen to their music.
>To all the teacher's out there, how do you deal with this issue.
>Just a though
>Au plaisir
>PS please do reply in french if your english is az bad ass mine.

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