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Subject: Barry Schrader - Beyond CD
From: Barry Schrader (
Date: Thu Sep 01 2005 - 15:01:36 EDT

I'm pleased to announce the release of my new CD Beyond on Innova 640. This
album features four recent electro-acoustic music works: First Spring,
Beyond, Duke’s Tune (the first and only musical work based on a melody
composed by a pig), and all three movements of Death: Before Death, Into
Death, and After Death.

Regarding the music on this CD, pioneering electro-acoustic music composer
Bebe Barron proclaims
"This music conjures up a whirlwind of emotion from some primeval source
that permeates the listener with awe."

Concerning the work Death, composer Judy Klein writes "I am captured in the
very first moment. And then, what subtle enhancement in the second section,
and what a journey in the third! I hear the release of the spirit, its
energy, its guides; darkness, hugeness, powerful monsters. Images foreign
but not unfamiliar come to mind. There is such musical drive and such unity
throughout the piece. I feel I've heard transformations of an element
through gaseous and solid states, and that in the end, a spirit has become
one with the voices which called to it in the beginning."

Beyond has a street release date of September 27, at which time it will be
available from online and retail stores. But you can purchase or find out
more about Beyond now online directly from Innova by going to
<> .

Please excuse cross postings.

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