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Date: Thu Sep 01 2005 - 00:19:51 EDT

Richard Wentk wrote:

> At 07:11 30/08/2005, you wrote:
>> Richard Wentk wrote:
>>> I'd guess that one way or another, anyone on this list should be
>>> able to bypass just about any existing DRM system without any
>>> trouble at all.
>> and face the DMCA or the UK Copyright Act as recently revised.
>> LOL
> That would depend on whether or not you try to fileshare what you crack.
> You're not going to get a knock on the door in the middle of the night
> if you copy music to your own server or burn CDs for the, er, car. ;-)
> Richard

actually the current laws dont discriminate between personal and private
use and filesharing - only the EULA in say, Apple's license grants
permission for copying. Technically, copying music for use in your car
has always been illegal even under prior British law - see the flyers at

As for cracking - whether you fileshare it or not - the act of cracking
or 'circumvention' is now illegal except under specific circumstances.
Thats US and UK, except for very specific research & development purposes.

I know, I was one of the activists fighting - and successfully lobbying
for minimal research rights - into reverse engineering for /research/
into security. If you're not allowed to reverse engineer something to
test its stability as a DRM or security measure, you leave yourself wide
open to hackers. This point at least was taken by the UK Patent Office.


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